The Monterey Regional Waste Management District is proud to offer a regional program that diverts food and other compostable organic “waste” from landfill disposal. The MRWMD program has the added benefit of turning organics into two resources: energy and compost.

Food scraps and certified compostable food ware are picked up by local haulers, inspected for contamination at MRWMD, mixed with mulch and loaded into an anaerobic digestion unit. Inside, biogas (methane) is released and used as fuel to produce electricity.

After 21 days, the organic “digestate” is removed and finishes composting for the next 60-90 days in nearby windrows. It is then screened to remove any remaining contaminants and sold to agricultural users such as local vineyards.

To learn more about the program, check out this 2013 article published in Edible Monterey Bay.